Interior Design


Interior designers wish to use the best materials for the job.  Our range of Perspex® cast acrylic and thermoplastic sheets offer a spectrum of inspirations for designers.

Perspex® cast acrylic can be produced in almost any colour to inspire designers.  There are also a wide range of textures and finishes within the range to enthuse designers looking to work with textures as well as colours.

Our materials can be used to create dramatic feature walls, furniture or sculptures within a project.  Designers may also look to work with our approved Perspex® fabricators to produce something truly bespoke with our material.

Key Features

  • Unique textures
  • Easily fabricated and formed

Case Studies

  • Perspex® Centrepiece Created for KPMG UK Headquarters

  • Featured product: Perspex Colours® Perspex Fabricators Inplas fabrication have recently created a dramatic sculpture made of transparent Pers...

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  • A Spectrum of colour at Blackpool Illuminations

  • Featured products: Perspex® Spectrum LED, Perspex® Frost, Perspex® Fluorescent Approved Perspex® Fabricators Inplas Fabricat...

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  • Palclear Solid PVC Cleaning Guide

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