Palopaque PVC Cladding


Palopaque™ PVC  wall cladding offers a low maintenance and low lifetime cost alternative to paint or tiles for refurbishment projects.  Ideal for hotels and leisure facilities, it comes in 28 vibrant colours and 3 surface finishes (glossy, embossed or matt) allowing great versatility in wall design. 

Available from Perspex Distribution, PVC cladding is both a practical and innovative material.  Its high resistance to impact, chemicals, moisture and stains provide a hard wearing solution, whilst its strong colour range and excellent acceptance of print make bold and decorative feature walls simple to create.

In today’s economic climate, keeping project costs down is paramount.  Palopaque™ is both quick and easy to install with low on-going maintenance costs, meeting the budget requirements of installers and end users.

Leisure facilities are an ideal application area for Palopaque™.  A watertight installation is possible meaning showers and changing rooms remain sealed – and the wall behind protected -whilst the smooth wipe clean surface leaves bacteria nowhere to hide.

Palopaque™ is also available in a S2 low smoke rated finish on top of its BS476/7 Class 0 fire classification.  This low smoke emission rating is ideal projects where the impact of fire and smoke is of key importance – this includes hotels and the sleeping risk of its visitors.

Perspex Distribution has specialist advisors and a large stock of cladding solutions, enabling Perspex to offer the service you require to meet tight deadlines. 

2.5mm panels are available as 2440mm x 1220mm or 3050mm x 1220mm sheets and come with a range of J & H profiles, corner fixings and sealants, again all available in colours to match and compliment the sheets.

With the ability to easily fabricate and form the panels, the flexibility and the choice of profiles mean that Palopaque™ is able to adapt to the majority of architectural applications.

Special make materials

We offer a market leading portfolio of products available made to order for specialist projects including low smoke emission, HYG antimicrobial and anti-static finishes.  These makes are available in the full colour range.

Palopaque LS is EN13501 S2 rated for smoke emission, a classification already in great demand in mainland Europe and increasingly specified in many leading markets.

Palopaque™ HYG antimicrobial and Palopaque™ SF anti-static help specifiers meet the raised hygiene standards and offer further solutions for food areas, medical facilities, schools or IT rooms.

Using silver ions, Palopaque™ HYG uses a natural antimicrobial agent to set a higher standard for hygienic cladding and facilitates an increased level of sanitation.  The effect is long lasting and the hygienic benefits are evenly distributed throughout the sheet so scratched or damaged sheets are unaffected.

Palopaque™ SF has a built in anti-static mechanism reducing build up on the sheet surface making the material suitable for wall cladding, door skins, machine covers and more.