A completely new aspect to the Perspex® brand, Perspex® Impressions ‘Linear’ features a contemporary pattern created exclusively with future retail and interior trends in mind - extra dimension to Perspex® sheet – texture.

With the design and texture inherent in the sheet the pattern will not be rubbed off or delaminated.
This understated, with an informal elegance, it is ideal for complementing and highlighting a wide range of merchandise on display.

Point of Purchase


With a range of innovative and imaginative products, we have exciting solutions for designers and fabricators looking to make an impact in the retail environment.

Our a vast choice of innovative and contemporary Perspex® colours, surface textures and special effects mean it’s little wonder that Perspex® acrylic has been the material of choice for some of the most effective  POS displays in the retail sector.

Our range of stocked thermoplastic substrates means we have a solution for your project regardless of the production technique you are using.

Fabricated products will use materials such as extruded acrylic and polystyrene.  Those requiring a clean, flat print surface will use our range of Alupanel aluminium composite and Palight PVC foam.

If you require specific applications such as chemical resistance, high impact or food approved, ask us about our range of solutions.

Key Features

  • Perspex® colour match
  • Wide colour range
  • Extensive substrate range
  • Easily fabricated
  • Substrates for print

Case Studies

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  • Palclear Solid PVC Cleaning Guide

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