Alustretch using Alupanel® for artists panels

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  • Frank Fischer artwork using Alustretch panels
  • Frank Fischer artwork using Alustretch panels
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Alustretch using Alupanel® for artists panels

London based Alustretch UK Limited manufacture professional artists’ aluminium stretcher bars. Made to measure as a high quality warp free artists painting surface, the stretchers can be stretched with a variety of materials from linen or canvas to projection material.

To complement the stretcher bars Alustretch UK Limited has developed rigid artists surfaces in panel form using Alupanel® aluminium composite panels, from Perspex Distribution Ltd.

The key attributes for an artist’s substrate is to be lightweight and rigid, offering a supremely flat surface.  Having experimented with heavier aluminium or wooden panels, Alustretch owner Bruce Stinson has found that the combination of the lightweight core and thin aluminium skin made Alupanel® aluminium composite panels a perfect surface to work with, to create a high quality artists panel.

Alustretch UK Limited supply their high-end stretcher bars direct to the world’s top galleries and artists, so maintaining high quality standard is key, when developing a product more commonly used as a direct print substrate.

The Alupanel® PE painted surface acts as a first primer, it can then be further primed for use with oil paint or acrylics.  Alupanel® can also be made as a stretchable panel, by adding a wooden baton at the rear. These are for artists who like a woven surface but like the lightness and rigidity of a panel.

Nowhere is the use of Alupanel® aluminium composite more dramatically illustrated than by artist Frank Fischer.  Frank uses Alustretch panels to create his dramatically colourful paintings. 

Using gloss paints directly onto Alupanel®, the panels are chosen for their flatness and consistency of surface and rigidity – bringing out the best in Fischer’s work.  He explores the history of art by selecting existing works of art, and then recreating the colour spectrum across the width of a work of art one pixel wide.

Using a finely honed process developed by Fischer, gloss paint is repeatedly dripped down the panel creating a sleek appearance.  A closer look reveals a row of stalactite like drips at the bottom of the frame, demonstrating the element of chance in the creative process.

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