Daisyworx develop an affordable new solution for school asbestos

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Daisyworx develop an affordable new solution for school asbestos

“Without any question of doubt…this is amazing” James Howarth, Principal The Hathaway Academy.

School renovators Daisyworx, part of the Sound Environments group, have developed a safe and affordable solution for covering troublesome asbestos panels widely present in school buildings.  Using Alupanel Aluminium Composite, this solution can cover panels for as little as 10% of the cost of total removal, thereby enabling schools to protect their existing panels against damage and giving the school building a new lease of life.

Today more than 75% of state school in Britain contain asbestos, a material harmful if exposed.  Schools have a duty to maintain the safety of their sites however the financial and logistical problems of removing asbestos can be prohibitive to them. 

Utilising Alupanel Aluminium composite panels alongside Daisyworx’s low-cost 15 year paint coating, schools can quickly and affordably encase their existing asbestos panels ensuring protection for their site and a long-term aesthetic solution. 

“Our tired looking blue 60’s built school was turned into a shiny glowing red new academy.  This transformation was vital to our aspirations.  As we awaited our new building we had a learning environment worthy of the 21st century” Sian Carr – Executive Principal, the Skinners’ Kent Academy.

Alupanel Aluminium Composite combines impressive rigidity and various coloured finishes making it both hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing for such projects.  Find out more here

Learn more at www.daisyworx.co.uk and www.soundenv.co.uk.