Enlightened laser cutting by Cutting Technologies

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  • Laser cut chair designed by Kyle Wilkinson, Creative Director at DMSQD
  • Enlightenment Exhibition invites on 3mm black Perspex


Enlightened laser cutting by Cutting Technologies

Laser cutting and engraving specialists Cutting Technologies recently held a unique exhibition which brought together some top creative talent to explore the potential of lasers in design.

The focal point of the exhibition was a stunning, laser cut chair in clear 12mm Perspex® acrylic.

Designed by Kyle Wilkinson, Creative Director at DMSQD, the chair was among a number of breathtaking laser cut or engraved items at Enlightened 2013, held at Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre.

Some of the country’s renown designers, including leading artists, top London designers, fashion designers and furniture makers were given complete freedom in terms of style, materials and concepts. The only rule was that their work had to incorporate laser cutting and/or engraving.

The exhibition was such a success its run was extended from a fortnight to a month.

Jane Robinson, Director at Barnsley-based firm Cutting Technologies, said: “Increasing numbers of creatives are coming to us to discover how laser cutting and engraving technology can transform their designs.

“Enlightened was all about exploring that and bringing laser technology to audiences in a way that inspires and provokes. Perspex® played a key role in the exhibition, with a number of designers choosing to incorporate the material in their designs. Even the invites were Perspex® acrylic - laser engraved on 3mm black.”

Perspex® acrylic is an excellent material for laser cutting and engraving and was one of the very first materials to be cut using lasers. It’s unique in that it's the only material that completely vaporises when cut - it doesn't melt and drip, it just disappears!

Cutting Technologies has some of the best laser equipment in the UK and can cut and engrave full size Perspex® sheets (3m x 2m) giving optimum material utilisation, from 0.5mm to 25mm thick and with a polished edge. The company stocks various types and colours.

Perspex® acrylic is such an easy material to work with, it keeps Cutting Technologies’ lasers busy on a daily basis and is used in hundreds of different applications, from decorative wall panels to jewellery.

And as Cutting Technologies has six lasers and 24 hour working, it can offer the fastest service in the industry.

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Cutting Technologies was set up in 2003. It offers customers a service which is second to none and aim to be a one-stop shop for all their laser cutting and engraving requirements.

For more information visit www.cut-tec.co.uk.