Floreeda create tropical cyclones in a Manchester store

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Floreeda create tropical cyclones in a Manchester store

Manchester based bespoke Perspex® acrylic fabricators Floreeda Fabrications produced one of their most eye-catching displays this month at a major landmark in their home city.

Situated in the main entrance hall of Selfridges & Co in Exchange Square, Manchester, the team produced and installed 3 moving acrylic centre pieces as part of their ‘eye see’ campaign.

Each element involved expert fabrication and unique solutions to create the moving sculptures.  The project also used the eye-catching tropical  tints of the Perspex® Vario colour range. 

Visitors saw a 3m moving see saw made from Perspex® Vario Lagoon Green, and a rotating hour-glass almost 2 metres high in Honolulu Pink.

The most challenging element was the creation of a cyclone within a 1600mm Perspex® clear cast box – created using 4 large fans, hundreds of laser cut ventilation holes, a Perspex® Vario Tropical Yellow product plinth and the teams expertise!

Floreeda captured the manufacture and install of the project in this fantastic video:


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