Gold medal for a green garden

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Gold medal for a green garden

Featured product: Cast Acrylic Rod & Tube

Perspex Distribution would like to extend huge congratulations to Easigrass and garden designer Tony Smith from Hortus Infinitus, whose garden at the prestigious 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show was awarded the Gold Medal by judges. The garden entitled ‘Green with…’, featuring cast acrylic rod and tube, also won the Best in Show award within the Fresh Garden category

The world famous RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show is well known for visitors enjoying inventive gardens by designers pushing their creative boundaries. This year Perspex Distribution was asked by Easigrass and leading garden designer Tony Smith to help with their garden ‘Green with…’.

‘Green with…’ is a horticultural installation concerned with the human emotions of envy and desire. This theme is explored through colour, form and plant history. Using cast acrylic rods, the structure suggests a cage; the concept of the design intimates this could represent the prison that the deeply envious individual who desires what another owns will inevitably find themselves trapped within, should they not conquer their weakness.

The three cast acrylic cylinders at the centre of the structure hint that the orchids they contain are being kept safely out of reach. Like the orchids, the tulips and ferns have, over time, been the subject of desire and envy.

As well as stocking acrylic rod and tube as used at Chelsea, Perspex Distribution Ltd supply a complete range of semi-finished plastics to inspire designers including Perspex® cast acrylic sheets, extruded acrylic, Alupanel® aluminium composite, Bencore® composite, Polycarbonate, APET & PETG, foamed PVC, rigid PVC and polystyrene.