Illuminating colour with Perspex® Spectrum LED

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Illuminating colour with Perspex® Spectrum LED

Featured product: Perspex® Spectrum LED

Perspex® SPECTRUM is the latest new product available from Perspex Distribution.  It enables sign makers, specifiers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create elegant solutions that are cost and eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour.

LEDs are becoming ever more popular as light sources for use in illuminated signage and display applications. Offering undisputed aesthetic, cost and environmental benefits, LEDs are quickly displacing other light sources and presenting exciting new opportunities to the sign industry.

New slimmer designs are being created. Combined with low maintenance costs, fewer outages, lower running costs as well as energy efficiency, low power consumption and low heat output, LEDs are becoming the preferred light source for indoor and outdoor signs.

Perspex® SPECTRUM colours have been specially formulated to give optimised colour performance with both transmitted and reflected light using white LEDs. Whether by day or illuminated by night, signs made using Perspex® SPECTRUM will show bright, intense colour every time.

With all the quality and performance characteristics you would expect from Perspex® cast acrylic – easy to cut, shape and mould with excellent outdoor weathering and durability, Perspex® SPECTRUM has been developed for sign makers, architects and designers who want to make an impact with light.

11 colours are available as standard. If you need something bespoke, just ask for details of the Perspex®  acrylic make-to-order service.