Innovation from Ino-Plaz

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Innovation from Ino-Plaz

Leading fabricators Ino-Plaz pride themselves as being a British company at the forefront of acrylic design and fabrications, choosing Perspex® cast acrylic for its superior quality and the fact that, like their goods, the product is manufactured here in the UK.  Working with Perspex® has enabled Ino-plaz to lead their field in innovative concepts and designs.

As part of their relationship with Turning Leaf Furniture Specialists Ltd, Ino-plaz has been asked to produce a range of bespoke lecterns.  They were recently presented with a brief for a mobile lectern to house a 22″ touch screen and microphone mounts into the lectern top, as well as hardware and cables for AV equipment storage.

After firstly producing accurate 3D visuals in house, the end product was produced with a gloss opal Perspex® base unit and clear Perspex® cast acrylic for the top.  Perspex® cast acrylic was chosen due its hard wearing qualities needed for a moveable product, whilst also enabling it to be formed and fabricated into a modern sleek design.

Ino-plaz offer the full range of fabrication services to create all manner of Perspex® products - including laser cutting, polishing and drape forming - with every item receiving meticulous attention.

Continually pushing the boundaries of creativity, Ino-plaz always look for innovative solutions for production requests.  In fact, Ino-plaz have just finished installing shooting range markers for Humberside Police using fluorescent Perspex® to ensure it is highly visible for users.

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