Ino-plaz help stimulate technical minds with college sculpture

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Ino-plaz help stimulate technical minds with college sculpture

Hull based approved fabricators Ino-plaz recently completed a challenging hanging sculpture bringing together fabricated Perspex® clear acrylic and dichroic film.  Fusing art with their innovative fabrication techniques, the team produced a unique colour changing  centrepiece  suspended from the double height ceiling of the Ron Dearing University Technical College (UTC) in Kingston-upon-Hull.

Each disc is manufactured from 10mm clear Perspex® acrylic, oven formed to 1 of 3 different curves. Each disc was then covered in dichroic film, each measuring a minimum of 1 metre in diameter.

Oven drape forming was performed in house at Ino-plaz and enabled them to use identical moulds for each of the 3 curves being replicated within the design.

The dichroic film changes colour when viewed from different angles and gives each disc a rainbow colour that changes upon viewing angle and even time of day. The stimulating floating sculpture creates a talking point and inspiration for the colleage specialising in mechatronics and digital technology.

Ino-plaz offer over 14 different services from acrylic fabrication to CAD work and pride themselves on their bespoke capabilities.  With a design reliant on physics and mathematics yet creating a delicate inspiring rainbow colour, the UTC  project demonstrates the capabilities of Ino-plaz perfectly.

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