NEW Perspex® Royals – The jewels in the Perspex® acrylic crown

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NEW Perspex® Royals – The jewels in the Perspex® acrylic crown

2018 is set to be the year of the British Royal family. With two weddings, two babies, and the Queen marking the 65th year of her Coronation in 2018, never in the history of the House of Windsor has there been so much to celebrate. In honour of this, and the many other Royal celebrations across Europe, the Perspex® brand has a right regal product launch to announce.

– You are now in the gracious presence of The Perspex® Royals product range.

The palette is set to inspire creators by offering a Royal Flush of six majestic colours; they’re rich, splendid and lustrous, with an aim to feed designers’ imagination.

With a luxury silk texture and metallic shimmer effect, this befitting colour collection will be sure to trump all others.

And what’s more, the Perspex® Royals colour collection prove to be right on trend, exhibiting a chromatic effect, producing a colour shift across the surface as the viewing angle changes.

Application & Benefits

All 6 regal colours were specifically developed with the retail industry in mind to add luxury to product displays looking for that extra special touch.

Perspex® Royals offers real benefits to designers and here are just a few reasons why;

•              Available in a range of six  trending colours

•              A unique colour shift capability

•              Strong, durable and hard wearing


•              Easy to shape and style

•              Light weight and easy to install

•              Perspex® 10 year outdoor guarantee

•              100% recyclable

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