New SloanLED Prism module for the brightest channel letters.

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  • SloanLED Prism – unique lens technology for brighter channel letters


New SloanLED Prism module for the brightest channel letters.

Perspex Distribution announce the launch of SloanLED Prism, the brightest channel letter LED module in its class at 124 lumens per module.  The impressive lumen output is a result of its reimagined LED prism lens technology offering sign makers the versatility of installation with row spacing up to 375mm, thereby using far fewer modules.

SloanLED Prism is a unique arrangement of micro prisms designed explicitly for channel letter modules producing brilliant, uniform light at the sign face.  This new product is the result of optical physics and decades of industry knowledge.  Exclusively available in the UK from Perspex Distribution, SloanLED Prism 6500K is the first in a series of lensed LED modules launching this year with colours and additional.

“SloanLED Prism is a truly unique lens product offering for the sign industry, specifically channel letter applications.  We are truly excited about this innovative module for the UK sign market and applaud the SloanLED experts who have taken micro prism technology and applied it to LED modules in a completely new way,” said Ryan Mann, LED Product Manager at Perspex Distribution. “We look forward to introducing this breakthrough in LED lighting to our customers and demonstrate its benefits in terms of both even lighting and reducing modules and install time.”

Perspex Distribution is exclusive UK suppliers of SloanLED signage modules, to find out more visit our LED product pages