Perspex® provides the perfect backdrop

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Perspex® provides the perfect backdrop

Featured product: Perspex® Opal

Founded by American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge at the turn of the twentieth century, the chain of Selfridges & Co stores across the UK has become synonymous with brave architecture and innovative use of display. In fact, putting goods on display so that people could see and handle them was the unique point of difference that Selfridge introduced when he opened his flagship store in London’s Oxford Street on 15 March 1909. Many acknowledge Harry Selfridge as the man behind the modern retailing and his passion for showing off merchandise through clever display clearly lives on. Almost 100 years on, we see where Perspex Distribution Ltd fits in!

New year, fresh start, crystal clear backdrop were just some of the elements that Selfridges’ visual merchandising window display team considered when they turned their creative talents to the Oxford Street windows for 2008. As with any modern retail activity, their ideas had to be transformed into reality quickly and effectively, in order for them to succeed. That’s where established partnerships and great display products can make all the difference.

Creative Services Display (CSD) is a long term partner of Perspex Distribution and has worked with Selfridges for many years. Between the two companies they managed to secure specification and an order to fit Perspex® Opal to more than 20 of the retailer’s Oxford Street windows. Craig Dodson, Perspex Distribution’s Chelmsford Branch Manager, who handled the account said “It’s very satisfying to see our products being used by one of the UK’s most important retail chains. Selfridges has always led with a strong design approach and its a big vote of confidence for Perspex to be continually specified for such high profile jobs.

Colleagues from CSD worked alongside the Selfridges team to complete the installation. It took around one hour to fit the Perspex floor in each window and we’re all very proud of the end result.”

Once again Perspex Distribution captured a great opportunity to ensure Perspex® was there to provide the perfect backdrop to some wonderful products. The images speak for themselves....