Juxtaposition for Award Winning Garden

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Juxtaposition for Award Winning Garden

Juxtaposition by Jack Dunkley / Birchfield Nursery 

Juxtaposition, winner of a Silver Gilt award at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, used Perspex acrylic screens to create a dramatic contrast between exotic plants from lush rainforest and arid desert areas of the equator.   The screens were moulded and printed by approved Perspex fabricators Talbot Designs, helping to create a spectacular garden as recognised by the judges.

The RHS Chelsea Flower show is no stranger to inventive and thought provoking gardens.  This garden explores the relationship between contrasting textures that can be found in the equatorial region.

The screens are made from 10mm clear Perspex® acrylic which Talbot Designs UV digitally printed prior to moulding to a 4m radius. 

One side of the design is very arid and dry like a desert and it juxtaposes the other side which is very lush, calm and tranquil with colourful specimens from regions with humid conditions.

The Perspex® acrylic screens contained over 300,000 clear 3mm dots through the centre of the garden allowing a brief contact between the two sides of the design.   All edges were highly polished to enhance the light transmission.  This diffused view of the garden meant the swaying plants could just be seen but didn’t encroach into your view of the side you were standing on.  

Talbot Designs have the ability to mould 3m x 2m sheets and their experienced team can handle any complex acrylic design.  All the prototyping and development for this project was by Richard Woolff of Talbot Designs and work was completed in 3 weeks from start to finish.

For more information about Talbot Designs visit www.talbotdesigns.co.uk

To find out more about Jack Dunkley landscape design visit www.birchfieldnursery.com

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