Plastock Creates Movie Magic with Perspex® acrylic

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Plastock Creates Movie Magic with Perspex® acrylic

UK-wide manufacturer Plastock uses Perspex® acrylic in a huge range of their projects, from work in the defense sector, to interior design, exhibitions and even the movies – in fact the company’s screen accolades to date include Star Wars, James Bond 007 and Strictly Come Dancing.

Their team says: “We’re big fans of Perspex® acrylic due to its durability and robust nature – these characteristics mean this material is often our material of choice when asked to create pieces for film”.

And Yahoo’s latest venture proved no exception!

Yahoo’s Latest Blockbuster

The hugely successful Hotel Transylvania franchise returned with its second instalment, Hotel Transylvania 2 and to celebrate, Yahoo ran a “How Many Murray’s?” competition in alignment with its release using Perspex® acrylic to build the props.

The film focuses around a previously monster-only hotel now open to human guests. It’s set a few years after the first, and the main characters now have a son Dennis whom they fear is not displaying any vampire-ish tendencies like his grandfather – Dracula. They therefore enlist the help of Dracula and his friends to release Dennis’ inner-vamp!

Murray the Mummy appears in the film as one of Dracula’s friends – and is the character whom the competition is based on.


The children’s competition involved guessing how many soft toy Murray’s were in a giant Perspex® acrylic box mounted on a reflective purple stand. And as you can see from the video below, the box was huge!

[View the video here]

Plastock was responsible for the design, manufacture and finish – delivering the box and stand to its happy owners.  Perspex® acrylic sheeting was used to create the see through box,  which had been CNC routed and laser cut by the in-house manufacturing team at Plastock’s High Wycombe base.

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