Plastock Produces the Perfect Finish

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Plastock Produces the Perfect Finish

Perspex® acrylic stockists and manufacturing specialists Plastock were asked to provide expert advice for the BBC popular prime time program, The House That £100k Built. In this particular episode the budget was a mere £70k, which had to cover the cost of the build, exterior and interior décor and furnishings.

Esteemed architect Piers Taylor was called in for assistance throughout the show and when a dilapidated kitchen showed itself to be in dire need of some TLC – on a budget - he introduced the novice house-builders to Plastock.

The clients needed a material that was durable, attractive and most of all, cost-effective, to make an impact in their home.  After a tour around the Plastock warehouse in High Wycombe, they had their solution.

A bright array of fabulous Perspex® acrylic sheets were shown along with suggestions for and demonstrations of their range, functionality, colour and versatility.   

The Plastock team were also able to illustrate the design capabilities of Perspex® acrylic alongside their own fabrication services as they did a live demonstration of thermoforming – a technique whereby a sheet of Perspex® acrylic is bent to make it more malleable for design work. They also showcased a wide range of acrylic rods and tubes they had in stock and spoke of their usefulness within design.

The finished installation revealed a myriad of multi-coloured Perspex® sheets which came together to form a vibrant and eye-catching centre-piece in the couple’s kitchen. The sheets were juxtaposed with old antique kitchen units giving them a well-needed makeover and modern touch. Further Perspex® acrylic was also used to provide bespoke kitchen shelving.

Plastock have an experienced team of designers and fabricators with unrivalled abilities and experience working with Perspex® acrylic and other materials. Their services include; digital printing, laser cutting, CNC routing, milling & turning, prototyping, polishing, fabrication and design & installation work.  Because of their capability they can and have realised large retail display projects for major UK vendors as well as one off sheet requirements all from within their 10,000 square foot production facility.

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