Polycarbonate ‘Podtel’ settles in Moscow

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Polycarbonate ‘Podtel’ settles in Moscow

Podtime simply describe their business as selling rest.  They do this in the form of polycarbonate sleeping pods which are now being used in locations from City businesses to airports.  Such is the unique nature of their products they are in demand internationally including the world's first ever ‘Podtel’ recently opened in Moscow, featuring 50 pods manufactured by Podtime.

Sleep pods from Podtime offer a sanctuary for rest in a busy world.  Using Opal Polycarbonate supplied by Perspex Distribution, the pods are robust, yet simple to assemble and break down.  After testing a number of possible solutions, Polycarbonate was chosen due to its superior resistance to impact, ability to form into shape and aesthetic qualities.  The bespoke nature of the pods also enables them to be manufactured with 0% or 30% light transmission through the polycarbonate.

Founder of Podtime, Jon Gray explains “The pods can be used anywhere.  The Podtel in Moscow really demonstrates how our Pods can solve problems such lack of suitable secure accommodation and time constraints in construction.  Much of our trade comes from people looking for short term solutions for rest such as office workers on long hours or festival goers”.

After hitting the headlines when pods were installed at London City institutions and datacentres in preparation for potential delays around the London Olympics, the company has gone from strength to strength.

The pods are manufactured in their London workshop enabling them to offer a range of bespoke pods from single sleep pods to double bunk pods and even a range of outdoor pods.  Gray adds “Polycarbonate not only looks great but is also a practical material for us – it’s easy to fabricate and form and works well when we ship the units for assembly on site.”

All pods share common characteristics of privacy, security and comfort however they can also be personalised with electronics such as TVs, cooling systems, different openings and even logo’s.

To find out more about Podtime, visit www.podtime.co.uk.