Printed Perspex® acrylic helps celebrate L.S. Lowry at new hospital unit in Manchester

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Printed Perspex® acrylic helps celebrate L.S. Lowry at new hospital unit in Manchester

Renowned professional artist Gerry Halpin MBE PMAFA was recently commissioned by Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust Hospital to create a range of artwork for their new buildings including 2 large sculptures made using Perspex® acrylic. Integrating  laser cut coloured Perspex® acrylic, printed Perspex® acrylic and LED illumination this project demonstrates the versatility of the substrate for fine art to create an absorbing piece of sculpture.

‘The Lowry Wall’ is a dramatic 7 metre long panel featuring figures drawn directly from L.S. Lowry’s paintings.  The hospital is based close to the geography that inspired the famous artist so the new building was named ‘The Lowry Unit’ in recognition.    The majority of individual figures were printed directly onto Perspex® Opal panels 3 metres tall whilst five figures were printed and then cut out separately to create a raised 3D effect.  Printing the Lowry figures in vibrant colours also enabled the artwork to stand out as an exciting modern reconstruction.

A second sculpture named ‘Recovery’ now sits in the foyer of the Recovery Academy at the Hospital.  Again using an illuminated Perspex® opal background, coloured Perspex® panels were laser cut into the required shapes to create a 3D effect.  The  artwork is seen by all visitors to the centre and acts to engage attention whilst gently reflecting the idea of ‘recovery’.

With a sequential colour cycle the installation enjoys a prominent position on the wall leading to the unit entrance where visitors can spend quiet time around a seating area.  Gerry Halpin commented, “Perspex® acrylic was the perfect material and again with LED sequential lighting it has an engaging but therapeutic effect which fits perfectly well with the calm, contemplative mood of this restful area.  When seen at night and the late afternoon of winter days it is quite a splendid sight”

All fabrication and print was carried out by GJ Plastics based in Manchester.

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