Printed Perspex® Acrylic Illuminates Bahrain’s Nest Festival

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Printed Perspex® Acrylic Illuminates Bahrain’s Nest Festival

Award Winning spatial designer Eilidh Middleton used printed Perspex® Frost from Perspex Distribution to add a splash colour and imagination at the recent Nest Arts Festival in Bahrain.  

Creating bespoke innovative patterns printed directly onto the Perspex® Frost panels, Eilidh designed illuminated houses to unveil a global village surrounding an interactive playhouse encouraging children and adults to immerse and play within the installations. 

The annual Nest Festival, which took place between 24th November to 17th December, is an outdoor market hosted by the Al Riwaq Art Space, a non-profit gallery and studio space in Adliya, and represents one of the most important dates on the calendar for Bahrain’s emerging artists.

This year’s theme was a celebration of “cultural fusions found within Bahrain” exploring the ways people and backgrounds integrate.  This installation used printed graphics to depict the architectural influences of the varied local communities.

As Eilidh describes “the illuminated houses reflect the melting pot cultures of our global village”  The use of light and substrates reflects a common theme in her work fusing the two together to create something unique. “Light is what people don’t see, they experience its effects.  When it is well used it can bring drama and memorability to a lacklustre space, sensuousness and richness to austere surroundings and clarity to gloom.”

Eilidh Middleton has over 30 years’ experience in commercial architectural design and her awards include 2007 Best European Shopping Centre and Best Office 2006 & 2008.

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All photography © Eilidh Middleton.