Sagetech celebrate a successful Viscom show and claim Alupanel A-Lite as the ‘cleanest ACM cut ever’

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Sagetech celebrate a successful Viscom show and claim Alupanel A-Lite as the ‘cleanest ACM cut ever’

UK produced Alupanel A-Lite Digital Aluminium Composite from Perspex Distribution has received a ringing endorsement for its cut finish from Sagetech, the UKs specialist manufacturer of vertical panel saws.  After using the panels to demonstrate their latest Koolkut KF panel saw at the recent Viscom exhibition in Dusseldorf, they were hailing the material as the “best they have ever seen”.

Known for its bright white surface ideal for digital printing and display, the material core is produced with smooth cutting at the forefront.  Unlike many aluminium composite sheets, Alupanel A-Lite Digital is manufactured with a superior A5005 alloy skin shown to deliver a burr free cut with a special polyethylene core for a smooth core finish.

The new Koolkut KF panel saw is an ideal solution for safely cutting a variety of materials from Perspex® acrylic to PVC Foam.  On top of the ability to cut sheets in-house, investment in these machines also offer workshops the flexibility of trimming and utilising off-cuts for greater efficiency.

Sagetech Managing Director Keith Bunker commented, “Visitors to our Viscom exhibition stand from across Europe were greatly impressed with the performance of both the Perspex® acrylic and Alupanel aluminium composite products from Perspex Distribution.  Our range of vertical cutting tools do provide an accurate cut as standard however we must admit that the finish achieved with these materials was really the best we have ever seen.  As UK manufacturers ourselves it is also great to see other UK produced materials being produced to a similarly high standard.”

Established in 2002, Sagetech is a British manufacturer specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative, reliable and safe vertical panel saws. These precision machines offer a product range to suit smaller workshops where space is at a premium, to larger premises seeking versatile cutting solutions.

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