Talbot Designs increase production of Melaphone, providing desktop worker protection from Coronaviru

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Talbot Designs increase production of Melaphone, providing desktop worker protection from Coronavirus transmissions.

Approved fabricators Talbot Designs have increased production of Melaphone – an ISO certified Polycarbonate speech unit providing protection for workers against airborne transmissions such as Coronavirus.  The Melaphone was originally developed by Talbot Designs founder, Jim Talbot, over 50 years ago with the fundamental engineering remaining largely unchanged to this day.  

In response to current needs to protect vital workers from the threat of viral transmissions, Talbot have integrated the Melaphone with a desk top protective screen, The Melaphone Defender, designed to offer quick and simple installation to protect  customer-facing workers behind the clear Perspex® acrylic fabricated panel.

Installation requires just 4 screws.  The unit enables clear verbal communication, whilst the protective Perspex® acrylic screen provides an effective wrap around barrier against airborne pathogens.

Melaphone has been tested and certified to international cleanroom standard ISO 14644-1 Class 5 meaning no air transmission travels through the speech unit.

The unit has the added benefit of being engineered to ensure clear transmission of speech from both sides of the protector without the need of additional speakers or wires.  This means simple installation and no ongoing running costs.

Talbot Designs welcome contact from manufacturers of protective screens who may be interested in integrating Melaphone protection into their own solutions.

Talbot Designs have been manufacturing innovative bespoke acrylic solutions in the UK for over 70 years.

To find out more about Talbot Designs visit www.talbotdesigns.co.uk

A specific website for Melaphone provides further technical information and installation details – www.melaphone.co.uk.