The Other Side of the Perspex® Wall

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The Other Side of the Perspex® Wall

Perspex® cast acrylic featured at this year’s LUMIERE lightworks festival in Durham, attracting 175,000 to enjoy 27 installations across the city.  A spectacular raft of installations and projections illuminated Durham’s buildings, streets and public places between 14th – 17th November.

Using Clear Perspex® acrylic supplied by Perspex Distribution, an installation called The Other Side of the Wall was created by sixty offenders from three prisons and one young offenders institute in County Durham. 

Five professional artists worked with groups of prisoners and the families of prisoners, inviting each to fill two Perspex boxes, one depicting key moments from their past, and the other demonstrating how they see themselves in the future. All the boxes were displayed together to form a huge illuminated wall in the Galilee Chapel, with smaller walls being exhibited inside each of the prisons.

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