UK sculptor Diane Maclean and Talbot Designs transform Chichester Cathedral

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UK sculptor Diane Maclean and Talbot Designs transform Chichester Cathedral

Renowned UK sculptor and environmental artist Diane Maclean has teamed up with specialist acrylic fabricators Talbot Designs for her current Solo exhibition, Thresholds, at Chichester Cathedral.  Curated by Jacquiline Cresswell, the solo exhibition is a collection of large scale sculptures, both within and outside the Cathedral, exploring themes of transformation and journey.

Diane Maclean regularly requires expert fabrication for her large scale works, and this exhibition is no exception.  Talbot Designs were brought on board to work on ‘Trinity’, a large suspended sculpture within the Cathedral.  CNC cut  Perspex® Vario Honolulu Pink and hand scrunched 3M colour changing film were combined in the Talbot workshop creating an eye catching circular sculpture.  The sculpture was created double-sided  to allow the 3M film to be sandwiched in between with stainless steel fixings and hanging points.

Perspex® Vario is a live edge produce meaning the edge of the sheet fluoresces brightly under both a UV light source and under ambient light. The surface colour of the sculpture appears to change as the angle of vision shifts.  Within the Cathedral ‘Trinity’ changes colour as visitors move around the space.

The solo exhibition takes place between 22nd June and 30th September with 5 sculptures to view.  Curator Jacquiline Cresswell explains “Thresholds is an exhibition that allows us to consider the purpose of a place like Chichester Cathedral as a space to reflect and discuss the possibilities of the encounter that we might find when we cross over a threshold”.

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