TV trophy in Clear Perspex

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TV trophy in Clear Perspex

Featured product: Perspex® Clear Cast

Demonstrating the intricate fabrication possibilities with Perspex®, London based fabricator Denny Plastics have recently produced a unique clear Perspex® trophy for a television series.

Working closely with a design house, Denny produced a trophy designed to look like a rolled up piece of sheet music – using 5mm clear cast Perspex® acrylic to utilise the materials’ exceptional light transmission.

Initial computer drawings were transferred to Denny’s laser cutting and engraving equipment to produce the sheet music design.

Once the Perspex® sheet had been laser engraved and cut, the flat panel was placed into a moulding oven and heated to a forming temperature which made the panel flaccid and supple enough to roll into shape.

The final fabrication process was to take a template of the cooled panel to CNC cut the 20mm base to hold the trophy.

Working on small one off projects to large on-going productions, Denny Plastics have built a reputation for their superb craftsmanship and service.  For more information about Denny Plastics visit