Wrights Plastics extend Perspex® acrylic furniture range due to demand

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Wrights Plastics extend Perspex® acrylic furniture range due to demand

Acrylic furniture remains high on many interior stylists’ trend tips for 2017 and a West Midlands acrylic fabricator has extended their furniture range to meet this latest designer trend.

Perspex® approved fabricator Wrights Plastics GPX is best known for their use of Perspex® acrylic in retail display & POS products but they have also use their almost 50 years of fabrication experience to develop a range of high quality but affordable tables and homeware manufactured from Perspex® acrylic - giving buyers the assurance of quality as well as value.

The range is sold via their website and is a hit on MarketPlace websites such as eBay and Amazon. They are looking to add more websites outlets as well as considering bringing the product direct to buyers via pop-up shops and other retail outlets.

The range comprises Perspex® acrylic coffee tables in a variety of styles, nesting tables and end/side tables. These last two ranges are offered in Prestige, Premium and Budget ranges and include a range of finishes such as clear acrylic, glass-effect and black.

In addition, the West Bromwich-based fabricator manufactures a range of homewares such as magazine racks, laptop stands, serving trays and wine racks.

To find out more about fabrication from Wrights Plastics visit www.wrightsplastics.co.uk.