Yoko Ono’s new exhibition featuring a Perspex® maze

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Yoko Ono’s new exhibition featuring a Perspex® maze

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London’s prestigious Serpentine Gallery will be featuring a new exhibition by Yoko Ono this summer. The exhibition, To The Light, includes a dramatic interactive work using 40 sheets of clear Perspex® acrylic.

 A central work in the show will be Yoko Ono’s piece entitled AMAZE, 1971, a large maze constructed of clear Perspex® acrylic. Occupants can see out and viewers can see in as visitors participate in this interactive art work.

The material, supplied by Perspex Distribution Limited, offers exceptional light transmission providing the ideal clarity for the artwork.

Curated by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the Serpentine exhibition will reflect upon the enormous impact that Yoko Ono has made on contemporary art. To The Light is her first exhibition in a London public institution in over a decade, the Serpentine show will fill the entire gallery space and represent the highlight of the exhibition programme during this milestone year.

The exhibition takes place between 19 June – 9 September 2012.