Environmental Policy


Perspex Distribution's green policies are cast into the fabric of the company and remain colourfast.

Our aim is to use resources more efficiently in order to conserve energy, to source from environmentally responsible manufacturers and to place provenance over portfolio due to the impact of greenhouse gases and their contribution to climate change. 

At Perspex Distribution, we recognise that it requires a long-term commitment to minimise the impact of our products and services on the environment and to this aim, we pursue a policy based upon education, self-regulation and continuous improvement.

The greening of our products starts right here at home with the original, versatile Perspex® cast acrylic, made in the UK since 1934. With over 97% manufacturing efficiency, an efficient delivery process and an ethical supply chain, Perspex® has a reduced carbon footprint from its local and efficient origins.

At Perspex Distribution, we are committed to focus on what you, our customers care about, which is why you will find our environmental policy and plans have been developed in response to your needs.

"Shaping a greener, brighter, more durable world"

Click on the brochure below which outlines the 2020 environmental targets for the manufacturers of Perspex® Cast Acrylic. It also includes information of the steps that have been taken in areas such as waste, recycling & reuse, packaging, water conservation & quality as well as responsible behaviour.




All products supplied by Perspex Distribution comply with the requirements of the European Union's RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU regarding the concentrations of heavy metals and heavy metal compounds.  Furthermore, our complete range of products do not contain any of the materials listed in the Ericcson list of banned and restricted substances.