Alupanel® A-Lite Digital


In common with the excellent speci­fication of the whole Alupanel® range, the new A-Lite panel is made in England using the highest grade materials.

The superior Polyethylene core, specially developed paint system and unique easy-peel protective ­film are all there but, new for this premium panel is the 0.2mm A5005 alloy skin.

Providing outstanding corrosion resistance, this premium grade alloy also adds to the rigidity and impact resistance of the panel whilst ensuring a smooth, flat surface.

Both sides of the panel have an ultra-white matt ­finish that has been developed specifically for digital and screen printing to help display colours with increased brightness and intensity with the added bene­fit of greater durability.

Key Features

  • Rigid, lightweight panel
  • A5005 alloy skin - excellent corrosion resistance
  • Flat, uniform surface
  • Ultrawhite surface

Typical Applications

Alupanel® A-Lite Digital

ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
UltrawhiteUltrawhite3050 x 1500
UltrawhiteUltrawhite2440 x 1220