ALUPANEL® aluminium composite sheet consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.3mm aluminium skins. With all the benefits of aluminium composite and the full range of colours and finishes, ALUPANEL® combines durability with flexibility.

Particularly suited to high wear environments, this formable and dual-sided sheet has one satin finish surface and the other in 75% gloss. White sheets now come with an ultrawhite finish as standard for optimised printed colours.

Alupanel comes with a 5 year external guarantee including brushed aluminium (other brushed and mirror finishes are guaranteed for internal use only).

All sheet dimensions shown below are standard manufacturing sizes. We also offer a cut-to-size service for any other panel size required.



Key Features

  • Excellent rigidity
  • Range of colours
  • Smooth, flat surface
  • Easily cut and fabricated


Typical Applications



ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
UltrawhiteUltrawhite4050 x 1500
UltrawhiteUltrawhite4050 x 1000
UltrawhiteUltrawhite3050 x 2000  
UltrawhiteUltrawhite3050 x 1500
UltrawhiteUltrawhite3050 x 1220
UltrawhiteUltrawhite3050 x 1000
UltrawhiteUltrawhite2440 x 1220
UltrawhiteUltrawhite2050 x 1000
Light IvoryRAL10153050 x 2000  
Light IvoryRAL10153050 x 1500
Light IvoryRAL10152440 x 1220
Traffic YellowRAL10233050 x 2000  
Traffic YellowRAL10233050 x 1500
Traffic YellowRAL10232440 x 1220
OrangeRAL20043050 x 2000  
OrangeRAL20043050 x 1500
OrangeRAL20042440 x 1220
BurgundyRAL30043050 x 2000  
BurgundyRAL30043050 x 1500
BurgundyRAL30042440 x 1220
Traffic RedRAl30203050 x 2000  
Traffic RedRAL30203050 x 1500
Traffic RedRAL30202440 x 1220
Ultra Marine BlueRAL50023050 x 2000  
Ultra Marine BlueRAL50023050 x 1500
Ultra Marine BlueRAL50022440 x 1220
BlueRAL50223050 x 2000  
BlueRAL50223050 x 1500
BlueRAL50222440 x 1220
GreenRAL60053050 x 2000  
GreenRAL60053050 x 1550
GreenRAL60052440 x 1220
Traffic GreenRAL60243050 x 2000  
Traffic GreenRAL60243050 x 1500
Traffic GreenRAL60242440 x 1220
Dark GreyRAL70163050 x 2000  
Dark GreyRAL70163050 x 1500
Dark GreyRAL70162440 x 1220
Traffic GreyRAL70423050 x 2000  
Traffic GreyRAL70423050 x 1500
Traffic GreyRAL70422440 x 1220
ChocolateRAL80113050 x 2000  
ChocolateRAL80113050 x 1500
ChocolateRAL80112440 x 1220
Jet BlackRAL90053050 x 2000  
Jet BlackRAL90053050 x 1500
Jet BlackRAL90052440 x 1220
SilverRAL90063050 x 2000  
SilverRAL90063050 x 1500
SilverRAL90062440 x 1220
Brushed Aluminium / SilverBrushed Aluminium3050 x 1500
Brushed Aluminium / SilverBrushed Aluminium2440 x 1220
Brushed Antique Copper/GoldBrushed Copper2440 x 1220
Brushed Copper/BlackBrushed Copper2440 x 1220