Extruded Acrylic

Extruded acrylic sheet is an economical grade of acrylic making it ideal for high volume fabrication applications requiring a narrow thickness tolerance.

It is extremely easy to vacuum form, making it ideal for applications where complex shapes are required.

We offer a wide range of sheet size and thicknesses in clear acrylic as well as specialist finishes such as mirror, glass look or opal.

Clear Extruded Acrylic


Clear extruded acrylic has an exceptional light transmission superior to all other thermoplastic sheet, with the exception of PERSPEX® cast acrylic.  Used extensively for POS & fabricated applications.

Clear extruded acrylic is also available in an anti-reflective and impact modified variants.

Anti-Reflective Extruded Acrylic
Anti-reflective with a fine, matt texture on both sides. This surface finish is primarily to help avoid glare by reducing reflections but also works equally well to disguise finger marks from handling.

Impact Modified Extruded Acrylic
A modified, extruded acrylic that offers an improved impact strength.  Unlike standard extruded acrylic it is less notch sensitive and therefore, its impact strength also remains after fabrication.

All sheet dimensions shown below are standard manufacturing sizes. We also offer a cut-to-size service for any other panel size required.

Key Features

  • Outstanding clarity
  • High gloss surface
  • Hard wearing
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily fabricated

Typical Applications

Clear Extruded Acrylic

ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
Clear 0X000X003050 x 2050
Clear 0X000X002550 x 2050    
Clear 0X000X002440 x 1220     
Clear ARAR3050 x 2050           
Clear ARAR3050 x 1250           
Clear IM30IM303050 x 2030 
Clear IM30IM302550 x 2050 
Clear IM50IM503050 x 2050 
Clear IM50IM502550 x 2050