Extruded Acrylic Coloured Mirror


Fabback coloured acrylic mirror sheet from Plaskolite.

At half the weight and five times the impact strength of plate glass mirror, offers all the benefits without the associated risk of breakages.

Made from extruded acrylic sheet, each mirror is protected by the industry's toughest, most durable backing.

All coloured acrylic mirror is covered by a protective laser cuttable film.

Custom colours and sizes also available made to order.

All sheet dimensions shown below are standard manufacturing sizes.

Please note - the available colours at each PDL branch are subjext to change.  Please contact your local branch for details of stock items and availability.

Key Features

  • Mirror finish
  • Stronger than glass mirror
  • Lighter than glass mirror

Typical Applications

Extruded Acrylic Coloured Mirror

ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
Silver MirrorSilver3050 x 2030
Silver MirrorSilver2440 x 1220
GoldGold 13003050 x 2030
GoldGold 13002440 x 1220
BlueBlue 24242440 x 1220
PurplePurple 10202440 x 1220
PinkPink 14502440 x 1220
RedRed 13102440 x 1220
RedRed 14002440 x 1220
RedRed 24232440 x 1220
GreenGreen 46742440 x 1220
GreyGrey 10502440 x 1220
BronzeBronze 16002440 x 1220
BronzeBronze 24042440 x 1220