Perspex® Light


Perspex® Light acrylic is a new collection of sheet products optimised for LED panel lighting applications.    This range of products has been developed to enhance performance for edge lit and back lit panel lights.

Perspex® Edge

Perspex® Edge acrylic is a particulate filled transparent light guide panel developed to maximise light output for light panels using edge LED illumination.   Using specially developed technology, the panels provide even luminaire efficiency with the benefit being that it requires no laser etching or engraving. 

 Excellent colour rendition with superior long path light transmission (91%); Perspex Edge® is capable of enhancing ceiling panel output and allows even slimmer designs to suit interior needs.

This double-sided gloss acrylic sheet carefully controls the reflection and management of emitted light, producing an even illumination across the surface.  It is a versatile product giving the best possible brightness.  The sheet is made in different grades optimised for 300mm and 600mm wide panels available in a variety of thicknesses.

Perspex® Edge acrylic owns all of the main characteristics of a standard Perspex® acrylic sheet, including a 10 year external guarantee, 100% recyclability and meeting standard luminaire performance requirements. This product is optimised when used with Perspex® Diffuse acrylic and Perspex® Reflect acrylic, all three products are a part of the same range: Perspex® Light.

Perspex® Diffuse

Perspex® Diffuse acrylic uses new generation opal diffuser technology suitable for use as a diffuser in both back lit and edge lit light panels.

This 2.5mm double-sided matt range of opal light diffusers are available in 3 grades with 60%, 70% and 80% light transmissions; giving customers optimised panel brightness and evenness in tandem with their choice of LEDs.

Designed to maximise light output whist hiding LED hotspots, Perspex® Diffuse enables better design flexibility and slimmer light panels.

Perspex® Reflect

Perspex® Reflect acrylic is a reflective sheet that can be used in edge lit or back lit lighting panels designed to reflect light back through the front acrylic panel, enhancing light output in advertising posters, ceiling panels and signage.

This double-sided high gloss white product allows for superior light reflectance in comparison to other matt surfaces; enhancing light output for brighter and more even panels. 

Developed to be used in conjunction with LED optimised sheet products such as Perspex® Edge acrylic, Perspex Spectrum LED or Perspex G-Lux to optimise brightness.

Key Features

  • High light output with even illumination
  • Thinner light panels
  • 100% recyclable


Typical Applications

  • Edge lit light panels
  • Back lit light panels

Perspex® Light

ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
Perspex® EdgeE03B2550 x 1800  
Perspex® EdgeE06B2550 x 1800  
Perspex® DiffuseD2 DF603050 x 2030    
Perspex® DiffuseD2 DF703050 x 2030    
Perspex® DiffuseD2 DF803050 x 2030    
Perspex® ReflectOpal 1T8A3050 x 2030