Perspex® Frost


PERSPEX® Frost acrylic has a double-sided matt surface which gives an effect similar to that of sandblasted or etched glass. PERSPEX® Frost acrylic is available in subtle shades from clear and opal to fresh pastel colours, right through the spectrum to deep, warm reds and rich greens and blues.

The frosted texture is retained after thermoforming making the product suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications.

All sheet dimensions shown below are standard manufacturing sizes. We also offer a cut-to-size service for any other panel size required.

Key Features

  • Matt surface
  • Suitable for fabrication and forming
  • Texture retained after fabrication

Typical Applications


Perspex® Frost

ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
Crystal Clear S2 000S2 0003050 x 2030
Polar White S2 030S2 0303050 x 2030
Moonlight White S2 1T41S2 1T413050 x 2030
Citrus Yellow S2 2T07S2 2T073050 x 2030
Mandarin Orange S2 3T17S2 3T173050 x 2030
Blush Pink S2 4T46S2 4T463050 x 2030
Chilli Red S2 4T50S2 4T503050 x 2030
Emerald Green S2 6T59S2 6T593050 x 2030
Glacier Green S2 6T21S2 6T213050 x 2030
Sapphire Blue S2 7T28S2 7T283050 x 2030
Aurora Violet S2 7T58S2 7T583050 x 2030
Electric Blue S2 7T69S2 7T693050 x 2030
Arctic Blue S2 7T77S2 7T773050 x 2030
Perfect Plum S2 8T15S2 8T153050 x 2030
Stone Grey S2 9T21S2 9T213050 x 2030
Slate Grey S2 9T23S2 9T233050 x 2030
Midnight Black S2 9221S2 92213050 x 2030