PVC Foam

Palight® PVC Foam is the perfect substrate for print and display. 

Palight® white sheet has a white index in excess of 100 units to bring out the best printed finish.

Our range of coloured foam sheets are double sided with an exposed edge suitable for point of sale or signage applications.



The Palight® sheet has a nominal white index in excess of 100 units.  It has a bright white colour base which helps to reproduce printed colours with greater brightness and intensity.  The higher level of reflection from the white surface of the sheet allows more light to pass through the ink and yields more efficient colour subtraction – this makes printed colours appear more vibrant and makes Palight® an ideal substrate for direct printing.

Palight® Colours

This full colour product can be used double-sided and has an exposed edge, making it particularly suitable for POP applications. The wide range of PALIGHT® colours will accept vinyl or alternatively be used as a direct print substrate.

All sheet dimensions shown below are standard manufacturing sizes. We also offer a cut-to-size service for any other panel size required.

Key Features

  • Half the weight of solid PVC
  • Smooth flat surface
  • Wide range of colours
  • Good fire performance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easily fabricated


ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
WhiteST-103050 x 2030    
WhiteST-103050 x 1560
WhiteST-103050 x 1220
WhiteST-102440 x 1220
YellowST-303050 x 2030    
YellowST-303050 x 1560    
YellowST-303050 x 1220    
YellowST-302440 x 1220    
RedST-503050 x 2030    
RedST-503050 x 1560    
RedST-503050 x 1220    
RedST-502440 x 1220    
BlueST-703050 x 2030    
BlueST-703050 x 1560    
BlueST-703050 x 1220    
BlueST-702440 x 1220    
GreenST-803050 x 2030    
GreenST-803050 x 1560     
GreenST-803050 x 1220    
GreenST-802440 x 1220    
BlackST-903050 x 2030    
BlackST-903050 x 1560    
BlackST-903050 x 1220    
BlackST-902440 x 1220    
GreyST-1003050 x 2030    
GreyST-1003050 x 1560    
GreyST-1003050 x 1220    
GreyST-1002440 x 1220