Solid PVC

Solid PVC offers a high gloss surface with a high chemical resistance and good impact strength - well suited to fabrication.

Our range of Palopaque PVC wall cladding is stocked in white and 10 contemporary colours.  Ideal for refurbishment or interior cladding projects, the material provides robust solutions in challenging environments.

Palopaque PVC Cladding


Palopaque PVC wall cladding solutions offering quick and easy installation with low on-going maintenance costs. It has an exceptional resistance to impact, chemical substances, stains and spills, which complement its aesthetic looks and easy maintenance. Easily formed and fabricated whilst retaining its physical characteristics, it can also makes an excellent printing substrate.

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Palopaque Low Smoke Emissions

Palopaque is the only solid PVC sheet available to be made to EN13501 S2 low smoke emission certification. Ideal for specification for projects involving high footfall locations or sleeping risks.
Palopaque HYG
Palopaque HYG technology sets a higher standard for hygienic cladding and facilitates high levels of sanitation with silver ion technology.
Palopaque SF (Anti-Static)
Palopaque SF has a built in mechanism that prevents static electricity build up offering greater efficiency for static free areas for industry and healthcare. This feature is active throughout the sheet and is unaffected by fabrication and scratches.

All sheet dimensions shown below are standard manufacturing sizes. We also offer a cut-to-size service for any other panel size required.

Key Features

  • High gloss and matt finish
  • Range of colours
  • Good fire performance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good impact strength
  • Easily fabricated
  • Available in EN13501 S2 low smoke emissions


Palopaque PVC Cladding

ColourColour ref codeSize(mm)Thickness
WhiteWhite2440 x 1220
WhiteWhite3050 x 1220
Red WineRed Wine2440 x 1220
Red WineRed Wine3050 x 1220
Dark PinkDark Pink2440 x 1220
Dark PinkDark Pink3050 x 1220
RedRed2440 x 1220
RedRed3050 x 1220
OrangeOrange2440 x 1220
OrangeOrange3050 x 1220
AvocadoAvocado2440 x 1220
AvocadoAvocado3050 x 1220
Green GrapeGreen Grape2440 x 1220
Green GrapeGreen Grape3050 x 1220
Light BlueLight Blue2440 x 1220
Light BlueLight Blue3050 x 1220
Ocean BlueOcean Blue2440 x 1220
Ocean BlueOcean Blue3050 x 1220
Medium GreyMedium Grey2440 x 1220
Medium GreyMedium Grey3050 x 1220
BlackBlack2440 x 1220
BlackBlack3050 x 1220